Defense Innovation Board Holds Public Meeting, Part 1
Oct. 10, 2018 | 01:22:04
The Defense Innovation Board -- an independent federal committee advising the secretary of defense on various issues that focus on people and culture, technology and capabilities, and practices and operations -- holds a public meeting at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C., Oct. 10, 2018.

Public Board Meeting Documents

Publication DateTitleDescription
1/17/2019INDUSTRY COMMENT_1ST_10_COMMANDMENTS_11.20.2018.PDF11.20.2018 Comment from Industry (Splunk) on DIB's 10 Commandments of Software
1/16/2019DIB_APPROPRIATIONS_SUBGROUP_REPORT_v0.2_2019.01.15.PDFAppendix B.2: Appropriations Subgroup Report
1/15/2019DIB_PRELIMINARY_RECOMMENDATIONS_FOR_FEEDBACK_2019.01.14.PDFDIB SWAP Preliminary Recommendations for Feedback 2019.01.14
1/15/2019DIB_DATA_METRICS_SUBGROUP_INPUT_V.2_2019.01.14.PDFDIB SWAP Data Metrics Subgroup Input V.2 2019.01.14
1/15/2019DIB_SEC805_DRAFT_POSSIBLE_LANGUAGE_2019.01.14.PDFDIB SWAP SEC805 Draft Possible Language 2019.01.14
1/11/2019TL;DR_TOC_DIB_SWAP_V1.5_2019.01.11.PDFTL;DR & TOC DIB SWAP V1.5 2019.01.11.PDF
1/11/2019README_DIB_SWAP_V1.4_2019.01.11.PDFREADME DIB SWAP V1.4 2019.01.11
11/1/2018DIB_DOS_DONTS_ SOFTWARE_V2_2018.11.02.PDFDefense Innovation Board Do's and Don'ts for Software Version 0.7
10/10/2018DIB_DOS_DONTS_SOFTWARE_2018.10.05.PDFDefense Innovation Board Do's and Don'ts for Software
10/10/2018DIB_DETECTING_AGILE_BS_2018.10.05.PDFDIB Guide: Detecting Agile BS
10/10/2018DIB_DEVELOPMENT_ENVIRONMENT_2018.10.05.PDFIs Your Development Environment Holding You Back? A DIB Guide for the Acquisition Community
10/10/2018DIB_COMPUTE_ENVIRONMENT_2018.10.05.PDFIs Your Compute Environment Holding You Back? A DIB Guide for the Acquisition Community
7/10/2018DefenseInnovationBoard_Metrics_for_Software_Development_V0.9_2018.07.10.PDFDraft: Defense Innovation Board Metrics for Software Development_V0.9_2018.07.10.
4/20/2018DefenseInnovationBoard_Ten_Commanments_of_Software_2018.04.20.PDFDefense Innovation Board Ten Commandments of Software
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