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The DIB launched in April 2016 with a two-year, renewable mandate. 

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The DIB is one of several independent federal advisory committees advising the Secretary of Defense. The DIB makes its proposals through the prism of three major challenge sets: people and culture; technology and capabilities; and practices and operations. Recommendations are designed to be concise, actionable, high-impact, and swiftly delivered. 

The DIB is part of the larger, emerging innovation ecosystem at DoD. It works closely with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), the Defense Digital Service (DDS), and with service members and civilians across DoD looking to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to the Department. 

Some of the foremost topics include artificial intelligence and machine learning, software workforce capacity building, hiring and retention of I+STEM talent, acquisition reform, communication networks, IT infrastructure, and working with the tech industry.

Charter Documents

Charter_2016-04-15Original Charter (2016-2018) - 04.15.2016Defense Innovation Board
Amended_Charter_2018-06-28DIB.CHARTER_2018-2020_AMENDMENT_2018.06.28.PDFDefense Innovation Board
Amended_Charter_2016-09-12Amended Charter (2016-2018) - 09.12.2016Defense Innovation Board
Amended_Charter_2016-08-15Amended Charter (2016-2018) - 08.15.2016Defense Innovation Board
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Membership Balance Plan Documents

Membership_Balance_Plan_2016-04-15Original Membership Balance Plan (2016-2018) - 04.15.2016Defense Innovation Board
Amended_Membership_Balance_Plan_2016-09-12Amended Membership Balance Plan (2016-2018) - 09.12.2016Defense Innovation Board
Amended_Membership_Balance_Plan_2016-08-15Amended Membership Balance Plan (2016-2018) - 08.15.2016Defense Innovation Board
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FACA Database

The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) database is used by Federal agencies to continuously manage an average of 1,000 advisory committees government-wide. This database is also used by the Congress to perform oversight of related Executive Branch programs and by the public, the media, and others, to stay abreast of important developments resulting from advisory committee activities.

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