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The Defense Innovation Board (DIB) harnesses the experiences and ideas of its members to provide independent advice to the Secretary of Defense and other senior leaders on catalyzing innovation in DoD. Recruited specifically for their expertise outside the Department, DIB members are uniquely positioned to propose creative solutions to the structural, technological, and workforce challenges DoD faces - and provide U.S. warfighters and civilians with the solutions they need to achieve the mission.

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Public comments may be accepted until 12:00 p.m. on Friday, July 12th, 2024, using the registration link or submitted to, to be considered by the DIB. The DIB cannot accept anonymous comments - all submissions must include your nametitle and affiliation. If time permits, the Designated Federal Officer will provide the DIB chair and members with responses from the public. The DIB welcomes public feedback, but as per Federal Advisory Committee Act regulations, board members are not permitted to respond to public comments.

DIB Studies:

Optimizing Innovation with Allies and Partners - (Amended) Terms of Reference

Aligning Incentives to Drive Faster Tech Adoption - Terms of Reference

Lowering Barriers to Innovation Study

 Building a DoD Data Economy Study 

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